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Buying the VENDOR PLUG is FINAL SALE!!!! 
 When purchasing, you automatically agree to these terms. Once the wholesale distributors information has been shared, we can not issue any refunds or exchanges what so ever.

What's included in your purchase: These are top tier vendors that we've personally used for years for our hair extensions. We also have information for you to design your own hair tags and packaging, website & more!

PLEASE NOTE: This purchase DOES NOT INCLUDE HAIR EXTENSIONS. This is only contact information to buy directly from the source at market wholesale prices. After purchase, your wholesale information will be sent to you via email.

With this program you are given three virgin hair supply vendors from over seas to start your own company. With that, you will be able to speak with them directly and order your hair straight from them. The hair normally takes 3 days get to the united states after ordering. After your payment is processed then you will be able to get the vendor information. I also give you information on how to start your website and get your business cards printed, and branding.
Even if you decide to stop selling hair you can order hair for yourself using your vendor which will cut your cost on extensions in half. Its a great investment. The average you spend on hair ordering it from a company is $250. And im sure you order hair more than twice a year getting different textures and things. So, on average you order hair more than twice a year which means you could have paid for your own hair vendor.I have the expertise you need to help you create and launch a long lasting, and lucrative hair business. Whether you're starting from scratch, or revamping your existing business,Im a serial entrepreneur with a proven beauty business success map that you certainly need on your team. 


  • Trusted Hair Distributor Information (Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Closures, Frontals & More) Hair bundles do not come with this wholesale purchase. You order hair directly through the distributor once you receive the wholesale information via email.
  • Graphic Designers (You may use them to build your own websites, business cards, hair tags, hair boxes, and more)
  • Comes with direct contact to the distributor! Phone Number, Email, WhatsApp, Etc...

Interested in getting into the business? 


  • Whether you are interested in a little part-time second source of income, or making a full time profitable business, we are the company to best service your needs. Why buy overseas and spend thousands of your hard earned dollars when you don't know what quality to expect, you're not able to speak with anyone and you have no guarantees? 
  • Now you can buy our wholesale hair distributor for only $700. You will have complete access to some of the best hair extensions, closures and frontals. We've been working for the same hair distributor for 4 years now.
  • Once you purchase the hair plug, you will receive all contact information for your hair distributor. At this point, you may contact them and start building your own relationship with them. Cut out the middle man and get the best prices around. 
  • All wholesale hair orders are final sale. When purchasing, you automatically agree to these terms. Once the wholesale distributors information has been shared, we can not issue any refunds or exchanges what so ever.